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Message from the Chairperson of the Mercury Disability Board
Please note that the message from the Chair is updated at the end of each fiscal year to provide current information on the Board.

From 2015/2016 Annual Report: 

"Once again in this fiscal year nearly $1 million in benefits were paid to monthly average of 185 people.  

The Board feels that there is more to learn about the potential impacts of mercury on eye sight, particularly tunnel vision, and has proposed research to increase this understanding.  

The four parties to the agreement which established the Board - Wabaseemoong, Grassy Narrows, Ontario and Canada are in the midst of a review of the Mercury Disability Board.  The Review Table has a mandate to consider the effectiveness of the MDB, discuss any possible changes and how these changes can be effectively made.

The Grassy Narrows-Ontario Working Group is continuing its discussions on a broader range of issues of concern to the community.

Meanwhile, the Mercury Disability Board continues to operate within the "rules" laid out in the legislation.

As always, the Board is indebted to the Board members and physicians who maintain this system for the benefit of the people of Grassy Narrows and Wabaseemoong."

Margaret Wanlin, Chairperson

Message from the former Chief of Wabaseemoong Independent Nation
The website will give community members living both in the community and off reserve, visitors and visiting workers to the community and the general public the ability to learn more about the history of the contamination of the river systems, the negotiation process, the development of the Mercury Disability Board and Mercury Disability Fund and how the Board operates.

Historical community information around the contamination and its effect on the communities can be found under the Affected Communities link.  The FAQ section answers many questions asked by community members around processing claims, hair and blood sample usage and how to speak to the Board in person.

I recommend taking the time to look around the site to learn more about the mercury contamination issue still facing the communities.

(Former) Chief Eric Fisher, Wabaseemoong Independent Nations

Message from the Chief of Grassy Narrows First Nation
to be posted

Eligibility to Apply for Benefits

For a person to be eligible to apply for benefits (per legislation), that person must be a current member of Grassy Narrows First Nation or Wabaseemoong Independent Nations; a past member of one of the two bands; or a registered Indian who was customarily resident on one the two first nation communities prior to the first day of October 1985

Download the Mercury Contamination Facts Booklet in PDF Format (680k)

Did you know...

that since inception to March 31, 2017 the Mercury Disability Board has processed 1093 initial applications for benefits.



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